Doortje Schilders

Doortje Schilders

Financial Controller

For 22 years I have enjoyed each day building the business of DeeDee.
When my two daughters decided to continue the business, It felt like a restart of our family company to me.

When I see with how much dedication and enthusiasm they continue the business, I value their actions greatly.
They have clearly decided to maintain the culture of the company, but have also cleaned up the company to prepare it for a new challenging future.

In recent years, my job has consisted mainly of advising and monitoring. I am responsible for all tax related matters and I take care of the payroll administration.

I have great appreciation that all employees, customers and suppliers of DeeDee remain to support and appreciate Elke and Inge.
I wish DeeDee a bright future and I am happy to follow all future developments.

Thank you for the many years of enjoyable cooperation.

Doortje Schilders