It’s not that easy to name a product that isn’t suitable to pack in a pouch. From chocolates to rooftop coating, there’s a big chance we have already created a pouch for it. In case of (retorted) food products and chemical products, we most certainly have. It’s safe to say that we excel in providing pouches to the food, personal care and water industry, but we’re also very strong in developing a pouch for a product we haven’t pouched before. This is done by a strong combination of theory, technology and practical experience. To give you an idea in which markets you can find products of DeeDee, we have made a small list. Perhaps your market is the next one?

Food (retort / non-retort) 

We are not only one of the biggest private label soup pouch suppliers in the Benelux, we also produce many (retortable) pouches for beans, sauce, ready meals and pickles. Because we have a wide range of aluminum and non-aluminum multilayer films to choose from, no doubt we can produce the perfect (barrier) pouch for your food product. Especially if you are looking to improve your shelf-life with processing techniques, such as pasteurization, sterilization or high pressure processing (HPP). You can find our pouches in both food service markets and retail. 

Pet food (retort / non-retort) 

There’s a lot of pet food on the market that is already being packed in a pouch. Not only to reduce the amount of packaging waste, but also to give pet owners a convenient way of dosing and storing their pet food product of choice. At DeeDee we have already combined the love for animals with the passion for pouches, resulting in a couple of beautiful and highly functional pouches. Not only for dry pet food, but also for wet pet food which is sterilized inside the pouch. 


DeeDee is a pioneer on the field of pouches for chemical substances. Our expertise, knowledge and strong will to innovate led to the introduction of the first UN-approved jerry can pouch for dangerous goods. But also for less dangerous chemical substances we have produced pouches, such as ink, coatings, screen wash and laundry detergents. Pouching your chemical products brings many advantages for both you as our customer as your end user. 

Personal care 

We are all familiar with the rigid plastic bottle for shampoo or soap, which still takes up the majority of the shelf space. However, more and more brands are discovering the advantages of the pouch, such as improved sustainability and ease-of- use. DeeDee is happy to have played a part in the pouching of quite a few personal care products, but of course we are always looking for more soaps, shampoos and creams to produce the perfect pouch for. 

Water industry 

More than half of our human body consists of water, therefor it’s essential to have easy access to drinking water. Unfortunately, not everyone has. Due to malfunctioning of the facilities or a disaster such as a hurricane. In such cases, it’s important to have an (emergency) solution, such as a food safe water pouch from DeeDee, which can be filled with 3L, 4L or 10L drinking water. You can find our drinking water pouches in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

What do we offer our clients?

    Pouch professionals with a smile
    We create and deliver the perfect pouch
    Perfect match with product and proces