Meet your manufacturer

By Fleur van Schendel, DeeDee 16-12-2021

DeeDee works with several manufacturers around the world. But one of them makes by far the most stand-up pouches and is the most important manufacturer for you. Because we are so proud of this manufacturer and the relationship we have with them, we would like to introduce them to you!

It has been 17 years since we first met this important partner in China. And even also 15 years ago we ordered the first stand-up pouches from them… We still sell these famous chicken grill bags today, but recently in a more sustainable mono-material variant. 

During one of her business trips to China, Dorothy visited our gripseal bags manufacturer. He was friends with Jack and Jason, and he advised Dorothy to pay them a visit too as this manufacturer could make laminated paper bags. Not much later, a delicious dinner in a pleasant atmosphere took place. Paper bags didn’t seem that interesting for DeeDee, but they also had a factory in Shanghai where they made laminated stand-up pouches. Jack immediately showed some made of PET//PE. 

Back in the Netherlands, Dorothy was still very enthusiastic about the conversation with Jack and posted a vacancy for DeeDee: ‘Product manager laminated pouches’. That was the trigger for Inge to apply for a job! Not much later, Inge travelled to China for three weeks because we still had to learn everything about this new product. During that time Inge has been in the factory every day, and Jack and Jason have taught her everything about laminated pouches, the production process and the material specifications. Purely based on their knowledge and expertise, DeeDee once started with laminated stand-up pouches, and with success!


Meet Jack & Jason
Jack and Jason are two brothers who, like sisters Elke and Inge, run their family business together in Wuhan. They are the face of the factory making your stand-up pouches! Jack is the youngest brother and responsible for sales and adminstration, Jack is responsible for production. Like Elke and Inge, they have split the management of their business in parallel (handy!), but they are not the only ones in the family working in the organization. Their cousin Alisa is the right-hand of the brothers and the daily contact person for DeeDee. And of course several family members work in the production! 

The relationship with Jack, Jason and Alisa is built on trust, integrity and transparency. With sincere attention to each other and the people in our organizations, we always achieve the best results together.

The factory
As experts, we joined forces years ago to take our collaboration to an exceptionally high level. Every day, together with Alisa, Jack and Jason, we discuss about all kinds of things within the entire standup pouch process: from purchasing (basic) materials, to planning the production, to shipping the containers – together we determine what will happen and how it will be done. Because of the good relationship we have built together and the way in which they allow us to participate in their production, it even feels like ‘our own production’ to us. 

An important mutual value for both of us is keep our agreements always. We can count on each other and we are there for each other when if needed. This makes our communication fast and flexible, and in China they also do everything they can to offer our customers the best possible service. They are a manufacturer at an exceptionally high expert level, they have a lot of technical knowledge and only deliver the highest quality. Together we think along with our customers and we are continuously looking for innovations. Every day we focus on creating the most perfect, sustainable stand-up pouches for you, our customer.

More than a business relation
Besides building upon a fruitful business relation, also the personal relationship between Elke and Inge & Jack and Jason has grown closer and stronger over the years. This relationship is much more than just being a manufacturer, we have really become partners indeed! In fact, after all these years of cooperation, we have built up a real family bond as business partners. Every year we visit each other in China and in the Netherlands so that we can get an insight into each other’s working methods and can talk in a personal way about all product developments and the optimization of our processes. This is always combined with delicious dinners and an insight into each other’s culture, often in the presence of several family members. We sincerely value these moments.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has prevented us from seeing each other for almost two years. Both our companies have grown in expertise, flexibility and maturity in light of the worldwide impact even without being able to meet in person. Therefore, we are looking forward to meeting each other again and being able to celebrate our special, personal relationship.
And if you would like to meet Jack and Jason yourself? When the regulations allow it, we are proud to take you to ‘our’ production to visit them, and their wonderful company, in person.