Nomination NL Packaging Awards 2018

NL Packaging Awards 2018
By Stefanie, DeeDee 01-01-2018

The new stir fry sauce pouches of Jumbo – a project made possible in cooperation with Solina Group Netherlands – are equipped with a contemporary design, inspired by the Far East.

In addition, the pouches have a matt finish with glossy cut-outs. Both the golden dragon and the complementing text are highlighted in the most beautiful way, thanks to a strong combination between material and printing technique. And despite the golden appearance, no heavy metals are used within the printing. A very good-looking and well-thought-out piece of packaging design. 


These pouches were nominated for the NL Packaging Awards 2018 – category Private Label. These will be awarded to the best, most beautiful or most innovative new packaging solutions introduced within the Dutch market.

On the 15th of March 2018, unfortunately the award was won by a different packaging solution. Though we were one of the five nominees, definitely something to be proud of, because being selected as a nominee is an achievement in its own right.

Do you want to know more about the story behind the development of the Jumbo stir fry sauce pouches and the cooperation with Solina Group Netherlands? Then you should definitely read the the testimonial of Tamara van Beveren, team leader Sales at Solina.

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