The Lasol & Korrek jerry can pouch; perfectly suitable for both the product and process

Lasol jerry can pouch
By Stefanie, DeeDee 01-02-2017

Introducing a new packaging innovation is a moment filled with excitement. The Finnish company Berner, responsible for the development and import of many high quality brands and products, knows all about that. Last year they introduced a new and innovative packaging solution for their Lasol and Korrek car care brands in the form of a personalized jerry can pouch, which proved to be the ideal match to their screen wash.

What makes this pouch so special, is that its delivered with an open top. It makes the pouch perfectly suitable for Berner’s new machine, which can fill faster and more efficient this way. The end result is a combination of an improved production process and a more sustainable, innovative way of packaging. This is consistent with DeeDee’ method of working, in which knowledge and expertise is used to pouch both product and process.

Spout pouch

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