NEW: 21L pouch for bitumen coating

Pillow pouch for bitumen coating
By Stefanie, DeeDee 26-07-2018

More and more chemicals find their way into a pouch. Not just because a pouch can offer the right protection nowadays, also because a pouch is more environmentally friendly compared to rigid plastic packaging solutions. After usage, the pouch leaves less waste and prevents product waste.

It turned out to be a suitable packaging solution for the Flemish company Muylle Facon, developer and producer of high quality and innovative coatings and chemicals used in construction work. They are constantly looking for new production processes that reduce the impact on mankind and environment. Together with DeeDee they took the challenge to develop a pouch for bitumen coating (a coating which is used to make rooftops waterproof). This pouch needed to protect the product from outside influences as well as reduce the carbon footprint.

This resulted in the largest pouch we have ever made, equipped with a high barrier and two handles for an optimal portability. In addition (compared to the rigid plastic buckets the product was packed in before), less product stays behind in the pouch and there’s less waste after usage. A solution both companies are proud of.

Pillow pouch

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