Stable eyecatcher for Deco Melts

FunCakes Deco Melts zipper pouch
By Ivo Reijnders, DeeDee 07-12-2018

Funcakes is a Dutch company which offers a wide range of ingredients and accessories for baking and decorating pies and cupcakes. Together with this customer DeeDee has developed a new pouch in which one of its products is packed: Deco Melts.

Thanks to the cheerful colorful design and the partial matt varnish with the transparent window, the pouch has an exclusive look- and presentation value. The clever design ensures that this pouch can be used for all different colors of Deco Melts.

The stand-up pouch has a unique bottom for guaranteed stability: ideal for lightweight products.
Furthermore, the pouch is easy to open and the customer can close the pouch just as easy: thanks to the handy zipper closure.

Are you also looking for a unique eyecatcher for your product? Take a look at our product page or contact us for more information.

Stand-up zipper pouch

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