Meet our chicken bag!

Pouch for chicken/hot food
By Stefanie, DeeDee 01-05-2017

The chicken bag is one of the few products we offer both personalized and directly from stock through our webshop Packforce. This special bag is not only perfectly suitable for packing grilled chicken, but for packing other hot food products as well. 

Our chicken bag brings many advantages to the table, such as ease of use and an excellent presentation of your product. Time to shine a light on the chicken bag and share the ins & outs with you!

5 advantages of the chicken bag

  • Leak-proof by means of the zipper
  • Easy to carry with the punched-out handle
  • Suitable for the microwave
  • 100% plastic and recyclable according to Dutch recycling organization Plastic Heroes
  • Excellent presentation of your product with the crystal-clear inner layer, which prevents condensation as well

Personalized chicken bag

Curious what a personalized chicken bag looks like? A fine example of this is the “Daily Deli” pouch by Café Connections for one of their customers, which has all the benefits of our standard chicken bag but comes with a customized shape and a unique design. By adding a personal touch to the chicken bag, Café Connections has created a very recognizable packaging for (hot) food.

Chicken bags in warming display

The company Fri-Jado, developer of displays for hot and cold food, often uses our chicken bags for exhibitions. On the picture below a warming display from Fri-Jado with our chicken bags placed inside can be seen. It is one of the many situations in which the chicken bag can be used.