Ketchup in a spouted pouch

Ketchup spout pouch
By Stefanie, DeeDee 05-08-2017

The ketchup of Interfood is a household name in Suriname. To maintain optimal distinctiveness, Interfood and DeeDee created a personalized spouted pouch, which has been named a “squeezable bottle”.

This new packaging solution has many advantages. For Interfood, a carton of empty pouches saves a lot of storage space and transport costs. Consumers experience more ease of use with the recloseable spout, which makes it easier to dose the ketchup out of the pouch. In addition, the flexible nature of the pouch enables the customer to squeeze the last bit of ketchup out of the pouch, before purchasing a new squeezable bottle of Interfood’s ketchup.

The spouted pouch is a paragon of user convenience. This is emphasized in the promotional video of NV Interfood, in which you can perfectly see the spouted pouch in action. Open the pouch and pour the desired amount of product out of the spout without spilling. Watch the video and let it convince you of the ease of use.

Spout pouch

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