Flat cone shaped pouch for Zeelandia

Flat cone shaped pouch Zeelandia
By Ivo Reijnders, DeeDee 22-11-2019

Some pouches have a special shape. This also applies to this flat cone shaped pouch for various fruit fillings for Zeelandia.

During the development process towards the perfect pouch for this customer, it became clear quickly that they were looking for a cone shaped pouch. This special shape ensures high ease of use, since the customer only needs to cut off the tip to simply dose the fruit filling.

Since a regular cone shaped pouch (the well-known vane shape) can not be processed properly by full automatic filling machines, we have chosen for a unique shape. We have added a straight section to the top of the pouch, in order to make sure the pouch runs smoothly over the conveyor belt of the filling machine. This allows the pouch to be filled at a high speed - and full automatically.

The front of the pouch is provided with a nice basic print where the brand name is clearly visisble. The back is completely transparent, which ensures that the customer can see at a glance which fruit filling is in the pouch. To indicate the product information, a label is attached to the transparent side after filling. 

Of course we take into account the product being packaged, because the pouch must offer optimum protection against water vapor and oxygen. The other important aspect is that the pouch fits seamlessly into the filling process.

That is what we call thinking along with our customers as a Pouch Professional! Are you also looking for a new, innovative pouch with a special shape? Then contact  our Pouch Professionals!