BrabantWater supports Saint Martin with water pouches after hurricane

3L Water pouch
By Stefanie, DeeDee 23-09-2017

Since a couple of years DeeDee is cooperating with Dutch water company BrabantWater. Together we developed a personalized 3 liter drink water pouch, which is deployed during services on the pipe lines and emergency situations. A wonderful example of the employability during emergencies is the action taken by BrabantWater after hurricane Irma caused a horrible ravage on the island Saint Martin.

To help the inhabitants of the island, BrabantWater has sent a large number of drink water pouches to Saint Martin. This way, they do not only show to be involved in the local society, but also in the welfare of the world and its inhabitants.

We think this is a beautiful gesture and we are happy that the pouches we have produced will be used to contribute to the reconstruction of Saint Martin.