DeeDee @ Stand D123

By Fleur van Schendel, DeeDee 19-12-2019

We are present on the Empack in Utrecht! 

From the 31st of March till the 2nd of April our Pouch Professionals will be at the Empack in Utrecht! 
We are looking forward to explore the possibilities of your packaging in terms of sustainability. 

Are you curious to which step of our sustainability ladder your packaging belongs? Or what improvements can still be made within the current step? Often there are already various options for a more sustainable pouch, still appropriate for your product and filling process. 

In addition to visiting our stand, Empack will be a completely arranged event with topics like zero waste.

Are you also planning to visit the Empack in Utrecht? We invite you to visit us at stand number D123!
If you send us an e-mail, we will make sure that you will receive a free entrance ticket.