Donate to Plan International

By Fleur van Schendel, DeeDee 19-12-2019

The Christmas period has arrived, a perfect moment for sincere attention. Attention to you as a customer, let you know we truly value our cooperation. But this year our attention also points into a more broad direction; towards the world around us. As female entrepreneurs, we feel involved and connected with other business women. 

Not alle business women, even women in general, have such a beautiful and safe base as we have ourselves. This Christmas, we want to support these women by sponsoring them on their way to a better future. This is possible with the wonderful network and the possibilities of Plan International

This year we will not send our customers a Christmas present. But, on behalf of our customers we will donate a full classroom of Sales Training for young women in Uganda.
Herewith, we would like to send you our best wishes; for your company, for you personally and for the 'Girls' of Plan International.