Bulk packaging for soup in style

Pillow pouch for soup
By Stefanie, DeeDee 06-11-2017

Bulk packaging for soup usually doesn’t come with an appealing design. For such packaging ease of use while guaranteeing the quality of the soup is of the biggest importance. But what happens if you combine the best of both worlds? Fribona, a Belgian Food Service Company for chilled and frozen concepts, found out at first hand with their new flat bags for soup with a medium barrier.

Not only are they easy to open, they’re also equipped with a beautiful printing with transparent elements (see close up above and picture of the complete pouch below). This results in a distinctive and functional way of bulk packaging, which definitely invites to open the bag, pour the soup into the kettle, warm it up and serve it.

Do you want to learn more about this family company in the chilled food service sector? Click here to find out.

Pillow pouch

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