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How do I get my children to eat more vegetables? This is a question that concerns most parents on a daily base. It seems that Spoony has found the answer to this question. With its organic soups that makes eating the daily portion of vegetables very attractive in a playful and responsible way. The Spoony Slurp Soup is the most recent concept for which founder Phaedra Mensen, together with DeeDee, has developed a perfect pouch. Time to get an idea of how her journey with us went from idea to pouch.

The search for the perfect packaging, which matches product and process, is not always the easiest. Not only is there a wide range of packaging to choose from, the packaging also has to meet a large set of requirements. Phaedra Mensen, the power woman behind Spoony and mother of three children, experienced this at first hand. "Children should be able to eat their warm soup everywhere, so that means that the packaging I was looking for had to be able to be heated up via microwave or hot water and be able to eaten everywhere. Because I do not want to sterilize the soup and want to offer it as healthy as possible - with the preservation of vitamins - the packaging also had to be suitable for the freezer, "says Phaedra. "In addition, I also wanted to be sure that the material of the packaging is 100% safe. Because I make products for children, I want to prevent that I do something that can be harmful to them. "

“You are taken very serious as a customer and you get the feeling you are in it together. It is a true cooperation.”

“The packaging also served to give the experience of the freshness,” she adds. “My whish was to show my product to the parents with a partially transparent packaging. This, so they can see that my product is fresh and looks tasty.” With these demands it was clear for Phaedra what direction she wanted to go.” Although there were still some steps to be made with the visual design, I was quite far with the technical design. The shape of the pouch, what had to go where and for what I wanted to use it was already set. Next to that are kids already familiar with the squeeze pouches for fruit puree.”

Finding the right party

It was her duty to find the company that could produce the pouch she had in mind. With that, there was not only a technical challenge on the table. “There was a rational and emotional challenge”, she says. “I was looking for a pouch that could handle more than the average pouch. Most pouches you find on the internet or see in the stores come with aluminum. These will not work in the microwave so they were no option for me. My pouch had to be able to deal with the microwave, hot water and freezer and had to be partially transparent. This was a challenge because I felt this was according to my taste not on the market yet.” 

The other challenge she faced was of emotional nature. “I really wanted to have the feeling that I was working with a reliable party who would treat my questions regarding safety and risks with sincerity and honesty. You often hear stories about products from China that are in practice more unreliable than the food certificates make you believe. I wanted to work with a party that gave me the feeling everything would be alright, would be taken serious, be checked and that I could rely on them.”

Via HAK to DeeDee

With the those tasks she, trough Lienmijn Verploeg from HAK, ended up at DeeDee which seems to be a perfect hit. After an intense develop and corporation route the first printed Spoony Slurp Soup pouches where delivered last January. “This was the best moment of the whole process, when they were ready. That first delivery was incredibly exciting.” 

The combination of euphoria and excitement hangs together with the emotional side of the story; a company she can trust. “But it also has to be a company that gives me during the whole process the feeling they are there for me. And that they are doing their upmost best for me. This is a different kind of wow-effect that I have felt through the whole process.”, she explains. “ DeeDee is always there, reachable, supportive and looking for solutions. Regarding the safety of the package it feels right. But also the way they see, hear and want the best for me as their customer feels good.” 

Dealing with the bumps

The way DeeDee dealt with the bumps in the road only strengthened the confidence that Phaedra had in them. “the fact that you deal with the bumps in a correct manner, and not just put the problem on my plate but working on it together feels fair. In this way it felt we were really in it together.”

Such developing projects – especially for startups such as Phaedra’s Spoony – brings high costs and unexpected delivery times. “I feel it is expensive and takes a long time, but that is not due to you. Especially the path that has to be walked on and that is has to come from far. You have managed the expectations perfect and do not promise anything you cannot deliver” states Phaedra. 

A very comfortable feeling

Even though the answer to the question if we delivered the perfect pouch to Phaedra is depending on her success in the market, she is very satisfied with the pouch regarding it’s looks, feel and functionality. In her opinion we deserve the wanted 5-star rating and nothing about our proposition was false. “What I notice as a starter is that I have to invent a lot of things myself and I am a small company in a big world. For a lot of parties such a development stage rises more frustrations, because things go wrong or they are not being taken serious. I have not felt a frustration with you once! The contact we had was in a nice, friendly and supportive.” 

As a customer you are being taken serious, even when you are a small company who is regarding its revenue far from exciting for DeeDee” she continues. ”You get the feeling you are in it together and you do not have to fight to get things done. It is a true cooperation and that gives you as a customer a warm feeling”.