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A package is not nominated without reason for a packaging award. To be eligible for the award everything has to be attuned to each other. Not just the material and printing but also the cooperation behind the package. For the new Jumbo stir-fry sauce pouches DeeDee worked together with food supplier Solina Netherlands. A cooperation that has been an oiled machine for years. Tamara van Beveren, team leader Sales at Solina and the one interviewed for this piece, agrees.

The slogan “Designing Success Stories Together” shows with large letters on Solina’s building in Rotterdam. This truth is shown with the most recent co-creation the: stir-fry sauce pouches from the Jumbo. A project that has been realized by the collaboration of DeeDee, Solina and OD design studio.

The project originated with a tender from the large supermarket giant Jumbo, in which Solina participated. We spoke with Tamara van Beveren – Team leader Sales and familiar face at Solina – about the project and collaboration with DeeDee. “When it concerns a tender, expectations are usually set beforehand. The target price and the product specifications are set. Then it is up to the suppliers to make suggestions regarding prices and specifications. From that point on they check which flavor is best and which price is most favorable”, tells Tamara. Not an unknown process for Solina as major player in global food solutions. Solina develops complete products in the areas of flavor, visual, functional ingredients and nutritional finished products. This includes many end products in a stand-up pouch.

“When I need a stand-up pouch, I call DeeDee.”

Filling in the paperwork together

It can happen that a different kind of packaging is asked in a tender. At all times Solina will search for the most suitable packaging for a product. It is possible that Solina offers a different type of packaging than was initially asked for. When final decisions are made, the wheels start turning. “At a certain moment you hear you have been selected for the tender and that you have to provide all the needed information. We take care of the product, DeeDee takes care of the packaging. With that you make a valuable contribution to the process”, explains Tamara. “After that Solina fine-tunes the recipe of the product and gets in contact with the design agency, who is usually appointed by the tender company.”


The perfect pouch

In the case of the Jumbo stir-fry sauce paths crossed between Solina and DeeDee with OD Design agency, who is specialized in packaging design and is also located in Rotterdam. OD Design has an enthusiastic club of professionals, who with heart and soul and a lot of fun create outstanding work. OD Design and Jumbo have been working together since 2008, the year they brought, together with Jumbo supermarket chain, their successful private label to life. They are responsible for the design of the complete line of the Jumbo Oriental product range. Of course the design of the pouch had to be in line with this range. Those conditions where most certainly met, Tamara agrees. “This is the perfect pouch. I usually do not do my groceries at Jumbo, but when I was in the store I thought: I am going to look for the pouches. They fit perfectly between all the other products in the same range. They even stand out better on the shelves”, lets Tamara know.

This is largely due to the complete finish with matt varnish and glossy cut-outs. A strong combination between material and printing techniques lets the golden dragon and letters come out beautifully. And despite the golden look and feel, no metallic inks where used. This is a plus for the environment. Also is the use of the pouch instead of the bottle which safes packaging material. If this doesn’t score enough points , the pouch is easy to open and to empty, so less residue of the product will stay in the pouch. All in all, a pouch with a silver (gold) – lining.

Quick support

Tamara is very pleased with the collaboration Solina has with DeeDee, and not just within the Jumbo wok sauce project. “Two weeks ago I was with a potential customer in the UK. After going over several options the customer had a lot of questions. I thought: let’s try and call DeeDee, and I was helped right away.” Working together for the potential customer, Tamara could make several proposals about materials and printing possibilities. This gave clarity and was at the same time supported with some sample pictures.

“When I returned to the Netherlands the requested samples where at my desk so I could send them right to the new customer”, says Tamara. “ The support and close links I experience as very comfortable.”

Always a big smile

For Tamara it is important that, next to support, she also gets the right price which she can use to persuade a customer. “The prices DeeDee provide always fall within the expected range. To be honest we, from the Sales department, do not look at other companies because your service is so high end. The comparison with other companies is done periodically by the purchasing department.” she explains. “I am also aware of the delivery time of the pouches so I keep that in mind during the preliminary phase of a project. If necessary it is always possible to move some around. When I need a stand-up pouch, I call DeeDee.”

Does DeeDee deserve a 5-star rating? Tamara think so. “The great service, great prices, thinking along, the advising and supporting roll, Solina and DeeDee bring in the project together. It feels like a cooperation and always with a smile.”

“Solina and DeeDee bring in the project together with a smile.”