Irresistible 100% recyclable MONO PE stand-up pouch

By Fleur van Schendel, DeeDee 12-02-2020

Are you IN A MOOD? An irresistible piece of honest meat that tempts you to satisfy your guilty pleasure. With this positioning, INAMOOD distinguishes itself and creates value around the consumption and appreciation of genuinely good meat. Quality and user convenience, with a sustainable and recyclable packaging that fuels desire as well. A start-up with a mission and with guts. That's wat makes us smile at DeeDee!

Together we developed an irresistibly beautiful stand-up pouch, which is made from 100% PE. It's the best possible alternative for recyclability in the Dutch waste processing industry, also according to the KIDV (Dutch knowledge centre on durability). This stand-up pouch is suitable for all INAMOOD meat products, resealable with a zipper for optimum portioning and with tear-off corners. So, "Tear me apart" may be taken literally. Are you already IN A MOOD? Feel free to contact our Pouch Professionals to develop a sustainable pouch together. 

Stand-up zipper pouch

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