At a global level, sustainability is an important item on the agenda. At DeeDee we love to think along about these important developments. For a better environment now, but also to contribute to habitable planet for future generations. DeeDee has three objectives connected to sustainability. 

1. Preventing food waste
2. Realizing a lower environmental impact
3. Making (existing) packaging products more sustainable

We would like to give you an insight about the vision of DeeDee, how we want to develop and deliver the perfect and most sustainable pouch. Always in line with customer's products and processes. 

#1 Avoid foodwaste

Around one third of all food production worldwide is wasted! That is a huge burden on the environment and therefore very important to take into account. DeeDee's first objective is therefore to prevent food waste.

To avoid food waste with our stand-up pouches, the right materials for your packaging should be chosen. Our pouch professionals want to learn all about the product you want to pack, to determine the correct barrier (protection) required. The required barrier determines which available materials can be chosen to achieve the perfect pouch. This way the product’s expiration date will be optimized, and food waste is greatly reduced.

Besides this process, DeeDee is continuously working on innovations in favor of this objective.
For example, DeeDee also develops re-closable and portion packaging. Moreover, DeeDee remains involved in the improvements of pouring out the product, to realize less residual product.

#2 Lower environmental impact

What many consumers don't know is that stand-up pouches have a lower environmental impact than many other (rigid) packaging alternatives.

In comparison to pots and cans, stand-up pouches can be produced with far less packaging material, up to 80%*. This leads to less packaging weight and that automatically means there is less packaging waste after is has been used. In addition, unfilled stand-up pouches take up far less packaging volume. Research has shown that one full truck with unfilled stand-up pouches is equivalent to 26 full trucks with unfilled pots and cans*. This leads to a decrease in CO2 emissions, which is without a doubt better for the environment.
*Depending on the size and thickness of the pouch

Above mentioned research results are based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Are you curious about the environmental impact of your current packaging compared to a stand-up pouch? Please contact DeeDee, because we are able to carry out this LCA study in cooperation with you.

Lower environmental impact is therefore primarily achieved by developing the most compact packaging possible. Our stand-up pouches are already more compact than other packaging alternatives, but we keep looking on improving!

The pouch professionals at DeeDee are always looking for the right dimensions. Stand up pouches are never made larger than necessary and as little material as possible will be used. If thinner materials or less material layers can be used, this is certainly advised. This way DeeDee prevents producing unnecessary materials and creating unnecessary packaging weight as well.

As described in objective one, the pouch professionals will always take your wishes and needs into account and optimal product protection is guaranteed at all times. 

#3 Sustainability ladder

DeeDee's third objective is to make (existing) packaging more sustainable so that the improved packaging climbs our sustainability ladder. The sustainability ladder consists out of four steps and step four is the most sustainable step.

The developments of material innovations are moving very fast. In a manner of speaking: what was not possible yesterday, can be done today. Because of these innovations, there are more and more opportunities to make stand-up pouches more sustainable. On a daily basis it is the task of DeeDee's pouch professionals to share the most recent developments with (potential)customers. This way we can look together at making existing and / or new packaging products more sustainable.

A perfect sustainable example is the INAMOOD pouch. This pouch is made from MONO PE material. This means that only one type of plastic has been used, in this case PE. This makes the INAMOOD bag 100% recyclable and puts the bag on the third step of the sustainability ladder!
You may wonder, why isn't this material used for every pouch? That would indeed be great! Unfortunately not all products and processes are suitable today for this type of material. But, as mentioned, you never know about tomorrow! Are you curious about the possibilities and / or latest developments? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

On our sustainability ladder, every step upwards is a significant sustainable achievement. From step one to step two, or from step two to step three. DeeDee is very content with all sustainable developments, as each step takes effort and has a need for specific choices to be made by our customers, also taking objectives one and two into account.

Would you like to know more about our vision on sustainability? Click here to read our article.

What do we offer our clients?

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