At a global level, sustainability is an important item on the agenda. At DeeDee we love to think along about these important developments. For a better environment now, but also to contribute to habitable planet for future generations. 

DeeDee has three objectives connected to sustainability:
1. Prevent food waste
2. Realise compact packaging
3. Climb our sustainability ladder

We would like to give you an insight about the vision of DeeDee, how we want to develop and deliver the perfect and most sustainable pouch. Always in line with customer's products and processes. 

#1 Prevent food waste

Around one third of all food production worldwide is wasted! That is a huge burden on the environment and therefore very important to take into account. DeeDee's first objective is therefore to prevent food waste.

To avoid food waste with our stand-up pouches, the right materials for your packaging should be chosen. Our Pouch Professionals want to learn all about the product you want to pack, to determine the correct barrier (protection) required. The required barrier determines which available materials can be chosen to achieve the perfect pouch. This way the product’s expiration date will be optimized, and food waste is greatly reduced.

#2 Realise compact packaging

DeeDee’s second objective is to realise the most compact packaging in order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Stand-up pouches are therefore not made larger than necessary. With this, DeeDee aims to use as little packaging material as possible, minimizing packaging weight and ultimate packaging waste.

An interesting and sustainable fact is that (flexible) stand-up pouches have a much lower environmental impact than many other (rigid) packaging alternatives. In comparison to pots and cans, stand-up pouches can be produced with far less packaging material, up to 80%*. In addition, research has shown that one full truck with unfilled stand-up pouches is equivalent to 26 full trucks with unfilled pots and cans*. This leads to a decrease in CO2 emissions, which is without a doubt better for the environment.
*Depending on the size and thickness of the pouch

#3 Climb our sustainability ladder

DeeDee's third objective is to make (existing) packaging more sustainable so that the improved packaging climbs our sustainability ladder. The sustainability ladder consists out of four steps and step four is the most sustainable step. We would like to tell you everything about the steps and their level of sustainability.

Step 1, Residual waste: step 1 includes stand-up pouches that consist of a combination of plastic with aluminium and/or (kraft) paper. These pouches cannot be recycled and must therefore be deposited with the residual waste.

Step 2, Plastic waste: step 2 includes stand-up pouches made of 100% plastic materials. According to the guidelines of the Dutch recycling organization Afvalfonds Verpakkingen, these pouches may be deposited with plastic waste (PMD) and can be recycled for new purposes.

Stand-up pouches made of 100% plastic materials can be laminated multi-material composites (e.g. PET//PE), MONO materials (only PEs or PPs), or even pouches with recycled material.
After all, we can now use a recycled PE material for non-food bags. The percentage of the recycled material may vary and we only use PE with recycled material from a supplier that is ISCC certified.

Compared to step 1, this is an enormous sustainability development. Other developments are already on their way.

Step 3, MONO material: step 3 includes stand-up pouches that are made of only one type of plastic, for example PE or PP. These pouches are 100% recyclable and the most sustainable material option available today. MONO materials are already suitable for packaging dry, warm and frozen products.

Step 4, Circular packaging: developments in the field of packaging are moving very fast. More and more different product categories can be packed in a more sustainable way. And, in the future, circular stand-up pouch packaging will also be introduced. We are already looking forward to that!

The packaging market is in full swing and everyone has something to say about sustainability. We follow all packaging developments closely and take a clear stand in our attitude and prioritization with regard to sustainability. As soon as our stand-up pouches can be completely recyclable or manufactured from recycled material, we will certainly discuss this. As Pouch Professionals, our most important task is to provide you with strong and honest advice, always taking into account your wishes, product and process.

Are you curious about all the possibilities and the latest developments in the field of sustainability? Watch our online webinar!

What do we offer our clients?

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