Innovations at DeeDee; for an improved (stand-up pouch) packaging and business process.

At DeeDee we always strive for the right innovations in order to achieve the perfect pouch that is 100% in line with your product and process! During an innovation process, we take you, your company, your end user, the environment and / or society as a starting point. A pouch can be innovative in many different ways. Nevertheless, the most common innovations are often related to:

  • Sustainability;
  • Ease of use;
  • Marketing;
  • Chain optimization;
  • Technical improvement.

Innovations in the field of sustainability, ease of use and marketing speak for themselves. Technical innovations and chain optimization are less visible. A good example is the use of a new type of glue and / or barrier for the pouch. Although these innovations are not directly visible, they can ensure that new product categories are suitable for stand-up pouch packaging. Ultimately, a technical innovation can also have a positive influence on the other innovation areas.

Innovations can appear in the smallest details of a pouch. A nice example are the notches to tear off the pouch. By giving these notches a round finishing, there are no sharp edges after tearing. This mini adjustment creates a lot of value for the ease of use. The last thing we want of course, is for someone to hurt himself when opening a stand-up pouch.

Process to realize your perfect stand-up pouch
Although the course of each innovation process is unique, the basis remains the same. There are three separate goals for each process. These goals contribute to the development of a perfect, innovative, custom pouch that is 100% in line with your product and process.

The three goals are:

  • Your product is optimally protected by the stand-up pouch innovation
  • The innovative pouch connects seamlessly to your business process
  • You look proudly at your stand-up pouch innovation

These goals are interwoven like a web and can continuously cause change. That is why it takes time and patience to realize your desired stand-up pouch innovation. From idea to innovation, we always recognize four different phases, namely:

  • Idea
    1.  Inventory phase
    2. Development phase stand-up pouch
    3. Product test phase
    4. (Production) process test phase
  • Pouch innovation

Inventory phase

The inventory phase always starts with an introduction between you and DeeDee. We believe in the fact that a good introduction leads to a better cooperation and that a better cooperation leads to a better innovation. And that is what you want too, right? 

The beginning is always about visualizing your idea. Would you like to switch from your current packaging to a stand-up pouch packaging, or would you like to change your existing pouch packaging? By listening carefully to each other and thinking along with each other, we try to gather the right information to be able to make well considered decisions in the whole process.

After obtaining the first information, you will receive a relevant sample package from us. Our samples will give you an idea about the possibilities and then we will continue this process appropriately. 

Stand-up pouch development phase
In this phase the goal is to develop your idea into a perfect stand-up pouch. This will be achieved by carefully determining the material composition, layout and design. There are three aspects which are very important, namely:

1.  The product to be packed
2. The wishes and needs of the customer
3. The (production) process of the customer

Basically, a package serves as protection for the product. Each product reacts in its own way to oxygen, water vapor and / or light. To ensure that the pouch can provide the optimal protection, the pouch must be built up from the correct materials. This is called the material composition.

For the production of a fantastic stand-up pouch that makes you feel proud, we are always listening to your wishes and needs. This is all about the layout and the design of the pouch, which makes your stand-up pouch unique and personal. You can choose from different types of stand-up pouches, a zipper to make the pouch re-closable, a self-made unique design with a glossy and/or (partial) matt look, different spout sizes and many more aspects which can shape your final pouch.

Besides a nice appearance of the pouch, it must also be functional of course. This is achieved when the stand-up pouch connects to all the different business processes. Think of processes such as filling- (manual, semi- and/or fully automatic), marketing-, production-, sales- and not to forget also the usage process by the end consumer.

For example, the production process is about what happens to a filled pouch. Will the pouch be heated for a certain period of time? Does the pouch go into a freezer? Does the pouch have to pass a drop test? These are all examples of production processes that can influence the (material) composition of the pouch.

It is not without a reason that all the different processes are carefully identified.
All information serves as input to accurately determine the required materials for the pouch. Determining the correct material composition is done by our acquired knowledge and expertise, by careful consultation between the customer, DeeDee and, if necessary, the producer, and with the use of one or more tests.

Only by taking time and looking at all factors that can be influenced, you can ultimately create your perfect innovative stand-up pouch, in line with your product and process.

After the first concept pouch and design are ready, it is possible to make a (handmade) sample and digital print proof. This will visualize the innovation idea and can be used for the first checks.

After this, the product and (production) process testing phase will follow to test the concept.

Product test phase
In this phase the goal is to prove that the chosen materials are correct so that the pouch will offer the optimal protection to the product. For this purpose, various tests can be done, such as the delamination test and the expiry date test.

The scale of these product tests depends on your project. Sometimes a test on a small scale with samples from a sample package is sufficient. In most cases a test run of 1.000+ samples is desirable. In this case samples will be made especially for the tests.

An important element for all tests is that results are only representative when a sample has been used which is a perfect reference as the drawn up design of the final pouch. DeeDee will support you in the process for testing with representative samples. 

(Production) Process test phase
In this phase the goal is to get the confirmation whether the design with the chosen layout options can be filled in the right way. In other words: to check if the design is in line with the customer's production process.

Also in this phase the scale of the test depends on the project.
In manual and/or semi-automatic production processes, a couple of test samples may be sufficient, while in a fully automatic production process a test run of at least 10,000 pieces is necessary for a representative result.

If all test results are positive, the lights are on green. You can have your personalized innovation stand-up pouch brought into production.

What we find very important during an innovation project is clarity and honesty. We will never make promises that we know we cannot keep. In addition, sincere attention to each other, doing normal things unusually well, mutual trust and working together is the basis for us to bring an innovation project to a successful ending. In doing so, we strive for the desired quality innovation for you.

Are you interested in an example case? Then read in this testimonial from Phaedra Mensen (founder of Spoony) how she went through her innovation project and how she experienced it. 

Case studies
Realizing innovations can be done in all shapes and sizes. We would like to share a number of cases with you.

For Zeelandia's product, a pouch in the shape of a triangle was desired. The problem was that this shape could not be properly filled by the fully automatic filling machines. This has been solved by making a small change to the shape (adding a straight part). The result is that the pouches can be filled at a high speed level and fully automatic.

Have you ever thought of printing the bottom fold? Spoony did! They have a puppet hidden there in a playful way. This humorous twist, which represents the corporate identity of Spoony, provides mouth to mouth advertising and thereby free publicity.

Another great marketing example are the plastic freeze-dried coffee pouches from Van Duijnen. The paper look of these recyclable plastic pouches creates a more sustainable character, and blends perfectly into their cardboard product line.

Also in the field of sustainability big steps are being made. For example, in 2020 DeeDee made a 100% mono-material recyclable stand-up pouch, together with INAMOOD!

The microwave soup pouches were also a nice innovation. Because the soup is heated in the microwave while the soup is still in the pouch, there is not only one less action to perform for the consumer, but there is also less food waste. Coldspots have also been placed on that same pouch. These spots do not become hot during the heating process and therefor the pouch can be safely taken out of the microwave.

Of course, there are many other great example cases, but then this article really becomes too long. Actually, every innovation idea is a great challenge and we love to think along with you. So, are you looking for a unique and innovative packaging solution that adds value in terms of chain optimization, marketing, sustainability and/or ease of use? Then dive into the world of stand-up pouches with us and perhaps your stand-up pouch will be the 'next best thing' for your company and your end user?

For example, do you ever think of applying braille writing to your packaging?
We like to think along with you!!

What do we offer our clients?

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