Choosing the Pouch Professionals with a smile as your partner means choosing for a well-thought-out experience, which we call the customer journey. And a journey is exactly what it is, on which we will be your guide on the road from your idea to the actual perfect pouch. As every pouch we produce is unique, so is each journey we take our customer on. What the adventure is like you can only experience for yourself. However, we can give you a small teaser of what to expect.

Focus on building a strong relationship

At DeeDee, we heavily focus on building and maintaining a strong relationship with our customers. Our Pouch Professionals are genuinely interested in the passion you have for your process and products. We believe that and of course a strong relationship is essential to be able to provide you with the perfect pouch and continuing support. And as with any relationship, it will most likely fail if it isn’t built on mutual trust. As a family business, that’s something we value greatly.

Analyzing product and process

To be able to understand what kind of pouch you need and what kind of characteristics it should have, we need to go down the rabbit hole. And that’s exactly what we do, to analyze your product and process. We listen to you, ask the right questions, take notes and summarize. We dig as deep as we have to, to find the solution to your packaging problem or the answer to your packaging request.

Sharing knowledge and providing tools

Through years of experience, we have a lot of knowledge to offer. Knowledge we want to share with you by means of providing support in the fields of design, technics or lay-out. And to make sure what has been preached can also be put into practice, we will provide you with the tools you need, such as samples and testing manuals. This way, the suitability of the proposed technical details for your product and process can be tested and confirmed. 

The optimal pouching experience 

As the Dutch East Indian Company found out in the Middle Ages: sometimes it’s inevitable to encounter a storm on the way to your destination. The way that storm is defied, determines for a great deal how and if the journey will be continued. It’s no different for the journey we go on with our customers. That’s why we won’t shy away when there are obstacles on our road and think in solutions, not in impossibilities. We think the customer journey is just as important as providing you with the perfect pouch and strive to give you the most optimal pouching experience.

DeeDee offers a total pouching experience:

  • Guidance from your idea to actual pouch in every aspect
  • Printing and production at one of our trusted and certified partners in China
  • Quality control checks by our colleagues on the spot and at our warehouse
  • Shipment of your goods to a desired location, anywhere on the globe

What do we offer our clients?

    Pouch professionals with a smile
    We create and deliver the perfect pouch
    Perfect match with product and proces