A printed, personalized 100% recyclable MONO PE stand-up pouch

By Ilse de Tollenaer, DeeDee 05-04-2022

Sustainability is an important topic that is increasingly prominent in the packaging industry. As a stand-up pouch company, we keep an eye on all sustainable developments and keep innovating our stand-up pouches. And we succeed!

Together with our customer Cerf Dellier, we created a unique personalized MONO material stand-up pouch. Because this pouch is made from only one type of plastic – 100% PE – the pouch is 100% recyclable and therefore more sustainable than their previous package.

This is the first MONO material stand-up pouch that contains a partial matt look. The window is glossy and the rest of the pouch is beautifully matt. The stand-up pouch is printed with a completely personalized design, the glossy window makes the product shine in the pouch. Thanks to the addition of a glossy window, it is possible to adapt your 100% recyclable stand-up pouch even more to your wishes than before.

Of course, the development process of our MONO material stand-up pouches does not stop at this point. We keep innovating and keep an eye on the latest sustainability trends, so that we can immediately apply them to our pouches. Who knows what could be packed in the future in a 100% recyclable stand-up pouch…

Are you enthusiastic and would you like to pack your own products in a 100% recyclable MONO material stand-up pouch? Please contact our Pouch Professionals, together we personalize your own unique and sustainable stand-up pouch!