Unique: first UN-approved jerry can pouch!

UN-approved jerry can pouch
By Stefanie, DeeDee 01-01-2013

In the year 2013 DeeDee was proud to introduce the first UN-certified jerry can pouch for safely transporting low and moderate dangerous goods (packing group III and II). It is resistant to chemicals including acetic acids. This jerry can pouch includes a spout, security screw cap, carry handle and is suitable for up to 3 litres.

This DeeDee 3L jerry can pouch has multiple advantages and includes the following:

  • Cost reduction in transport and warehousing of empty pouches; about 93% less space needed compared to rigid plastic jerry cans, 88% less trucks needed
  • Up to 10 colour offset printing possibilities: no need for labels
  • Inner pressure hydraulic up to 80 kPa guaranteed for 30 minutes
  • Practical to handle (75% less packaging weight), less spilling and easy pouring
  • Recyclable by Plastic Heroes
  • 65% less plastic than a jerry can and 93% less waste in volume

Read our press release for an complete overview of all specifications and adantages of this pouch.

DeeDee also offers pouches for low dangerous goods and many possibilities to pack food-safe products in multilayer pouches. Don't hesitate to contact us for advice!

Spout pouch

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