Barbecue with Rakvere

Rakvere pouch for marinated meat
By Stefanie, DeeDee 05-06-2018

For many people the slightest ray of sunshine is a strong reason to organize a barbecue. Especially in Estonia, where the temperature is often a little lower than in the Netherlands. To improve the overall barbecue experience and to facilitate a nice diner with family and friends, the Estonian meat brand Rakvere has introduced something wonderful.

High quality pieces of marinated pork meat in a stand-up pouch with a see-through window and a handle. It’s very easy to pick it up straight from the refrigerator and it’s even more easy to open with the included tear notches. Because it’s packed in a pouch, the marinated pork meat can be poured out of the pouch without leaving a mess. And because the pouch is equipped with a medium barrier, the sustainably raised meat will be delivered to the end consumer in the best possible quality. As it should.

In addition, the pouch contains much less packaging material than the well-known plastic tray and will leave much less packaging waste after usage. It’s a fine packaging solution, which not only stands out from the rest on the shelves of the supermarket, but also has a high level of user convenience. And above all, it contributes to a better environment.

Shaped pouch

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