Premium packing: flat bottom pouch for coffee

Flat bottom pouch for coffee
By Stefanie, DeeDee 08-08-2018

A premium product needs to have a packaging solution that lives up to it. A solution that embraces the product and emphasizes high quality. A tailored suit that welcomes purchase and consumption.

Such a packaging is called a box pouch (also known as a flat bottom pouch) and is the exact packaging solution Fortune Coffee chose for their freeze-dried coffee.

Not only because of the posh look and matt finish, but also because of the proper stability the flat bottom provides. And perhaps the best thing of it all? The coffee doesn't lose its aroma. How? Because the pouch can be closed through the zipper and is equipped with a medium barrier for protection against water vapor and oxygen. Elegant and functional, the box pouch of Fortune Coffee claims the highest step of the podium effortlessly.

Flat bottom pouch

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