Spout pouch


  • Modern way of packaging with high marketing value

  • High-quality printing

  • Lower storage and transport costs

  • Better for the environment (energy), about 73% less waste

  • Reclosable

  • Easy to open


There has been an increasing demand for on- the-go packaging, such as the spout pouch. No surprise, as the spout pouch is the paragon of user convenience. The spout and cap – available in many different sizes – enables the user to dose the product out of the pouch and close it after usage, to save the rest of the product for a later moment.

The flexible nature of the spout pouch allows to user to “squeeze” even the last bit of product out of the packaging with just a little bit of effort, which means there will be less product to waste. With the possibility to add a medium or a high barrier to the pouch material, you don’t have to worry about the intended shelf life.

Spout pouches come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a filling volume of 5 liters or your own personalized shape, we can produce a suitable spouted pouch for you. Ready to make the switch? Let us know and we will guide you from your idea to the actual pouch.

Technical options

Our multilayer (stand-up) pouches consist of two or more materials laminated together and at least one type of plastic is used in the laminate. A specific type of materials will be advised based on your wishes. Shape, thickness and other features are all adaptable. To guarantee food safety, our suppliers have the necessary food safety certificates (BRC, HACCP) and we can guarantee our pouches are free of Bisphenol A.

When your product is in need of protection against water vapor, oxygen, UV-light or dangerous substances such as MOSH and MOAH, we can include a barrier in your (stand-up) pouch. We have different types of barriers to offer, each with specific OTR- and WVTR-values. Possibilities include transparent barriers made of 100% plastics, which provide you with a pouch fully recyclable according to the Dutch recycling organization Plastic Heroes.

With rotogravure printing up to 10 colors, we make sure your design is translated onto your own (stand-up) pouch. By using the reverse printing technique, we print a mirror image of your design on the inside of the outer layer. This way, it will be protected from damage and won’t come in contact with the contents of your pouch. Possibilities include a partially matt varnish for a premium look and to highlight specific elements of your design.

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* We are specialized in developing and producing exactly the perfect pouch for each customer.

This means we work with minimum production runs of about 25.000 pieces, depending on the size of the pouch.

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